iwCLL 2023

Press and Media

The following policies have been established for journalists attending or covering the 20th International Workshop on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (XX iwCLL) Biennial Meeting, as well as for presenters, exhibitors, and/or public relations professionals wishing to distribute materials related to the research being presented at XX iwCLL.

Individuals, companies, organizations, or institutions found in violation of these policies will have their access to the XX iwCLL Meeting revoked.

For information or questions about the following Media Policy, please contact:


Embargo Information

Companies and institutions are allowed to disseminate press releases in association with XX iwCLL; however, all materials are embargoed according to the following: 

  • Abstract Title Embargo: Titles of abstracts submitted to XX iwCLL are embargoed until the titles are made public on the XX iwCLL website on August 14, 2023 5:00 pm EDT.

  • Abstract Content Embargo: The full listing of abstracts will be made available via the conference APP. Full abstracts will be published in Leukemia and Lymphoma in the online journal. Therefore, the Abstract Content Embargo will officially be lifted as of October 6, 2023.

  • Presentation Embargoes:

    • Poster-Only Presentations: Any additional data in a poster (beyond what is included in the abstract) is embargoed until Friday, October 6, 2023. This embargo applies to poster-only presentations.

    • Oral Abstract Presentations: Any updated and/or new data (beyond what is included in the abstract) in an oral presentation is embargoed until the start of the session in which the presentation is being shared. If the oral presenter is creating both a poster and an oral presentation containing updated and/or new data, both the poster and oral presentation will share this same Oral Abstract Presentation embargo.

Press Release Format Guidelines

Any planned press releases or media alerts related to XX iwCLL must comply with the following guidelines:

Press Release Format Guidelines:

  • Abstract number included in the top left corner of the release (above the headline)
  • XX iwCLL mentioned either in the headline or subhead
  • XX iwCLL referenced in the first paragraph (using XX iwCLL after the first mention) as follows: 

XX International Workshop on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (XX iwCLL) Biennial Meeting 

Pre-Meeting Press Releases: These releases (such as a Curtain-Raiser Release) may be issued with only logistical information (for instance, the title, poster number, and presentation date and time) about an abstract/poster/oral presentation according to the Abstract Title Embargo date (see above).

Data Press Releases:

    • Abstract Content-Only Releases may be issued with information from the accepted abstract at the official start of the meeting (Saturday, October 7, 2023), when the full listing of abstracts and abstract content is made available in the XX iwCLL program book.
    • Poster-Only Presentation Releases containing updated and/or new information (including data beyond what is included in the accepted abstract) that will be presented in a poster may be issued according to the Poster-Only Presentations Embargo (see embargo timing above).
    • Oral Abstract Presentation Releases containing updated and/or new information (beyond what is included in the accepted abstract) that will be presented in an oral presentation may be issued according to the Oral Abstract Presentation Embargo (see above).

NOTE: Journalists deemed in violation of any XX iwCLL Media Policy will have their meeting press privileges revoked

Audio Recording, Video Recording & Photography

  • Television and/or radio crews must present valid press credentials from their respective media outlets.
  • Photography/videography is allowed, with an approved press registration, in the exhibit hall and general conference space outside of the session rooms. However, the location of a “permanent” camera station for interviews or related activities must be approved by the designated XX iwCLL media contact (stationed at the Registration table).


    • Photography/videography of meeting proceedings (slides or presenters) in the educational session rooms is only allowed with prior written permission granted by the designated XX iwCLL media contact.
    • Photography/videography of specific posters is only allowed if permission is granted by the poster presenter(s).

  • Members of the press may utilize personal audio recording devices in the session rooms strictly for note taking purposes. Release of the recordings in part or in whole is prohibited.
  • If there is a particular presentation of interest and you wish to obtain the slide(s), you may speak with individual presenters to request they share the slide(s) of interest directly with you.
  • Press wishing to obtain interviews and official statements on behalf of XX iwCLL must work with the designated XX iwCLL media contact (stationed at the Registration table) for scheduling with the appropriate official representatives.
    • Jennifer R. Brown, MD, PhD, Program Chair, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    • Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, is the official spokesperson of XX iwCLL, unless otherwise approved by the designated XX iwCLL media contact (stationed at the Registration table).   

Press Room and News Briefings

Please note, there is no formal press room or prescheduled press conference for XX iwCLL 2023 at this time. The designated XX iwCLL media contact (stationed at the Registration table) will be available on site to answer any questions.

Press Policies and Registration

XX iwCLL will provide complimentary meeting registration to professional journalists representing media organizations for the express purpose of gathering news and information to produce media coverage of the meeting. 

To gain access to XX iwCLL, journalists and medical/science writers must register for the program providing all requested information, as well as abide by the media policies outlined within this document.

Please note: Under no circumstances will contact information of registered press be made available.

  • Registration Form and Credentials:
    • All individuals registering as press must complete online registration and provide a copy of their press credentials during registration.
    • Freelance journalists must present a letter of assignment on letterhead from a recognized news organization or publication.
    • XX iwCLL will consider bloggers for press registration on a case-by-case basis.
    • Public information officers and communications professionals from educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit cancer research organizations are each allowed up to two complimentary registrations.
    • Journalists working for medical and scientific publishing companies must have proof of an editorial assignment to register, and the publication must have:
      • a regular editorial news section.
      • multiple sponsors (no single-sponsor publications); and
      • complete editorial freedom from their sponsors.
  • Onsite Registration and Badge Pick-up:
    • Registered journalists – or journalists wishing to register on site – should proceed to the Registration table to collect their badges.
    • Journalists must present media identification issued by a recognized news organization or publication to pick up their badges.
    • All press must wear press badges when attending the meeting and/or when covering XX iwCLL-sponsored events.
  • Press Access: A press passes/registration for the event(s) only allows access to the common meeting areas and general session rooms with speakers offering educational content. Attendance and coverage of private meetings associated with the event are not allowed unless specific permission is requested and granted by the designated XX iwCLL media contact or XX iwCLL executive management.

    Register Here

Exhibitor and Public Relations Materials/Events

No exceptions will be made to the following policies:

  • Materials may not indicate XX iwCLL endorsement or use the XX iwCLL logo.

Non-XX iwCLL news briefings or other media events are prohibited in meeting areas, including hotels, during the XX iwCLL meeting hours.

Press Resources

Complimentary WiFi will be available in the meeting rooms and general XX iwCLL conference areas.

XX iwCLL Meeting Press Releases